The One


Someone said to me once that everything that is happening to us has its purpose and it will be revealed at its own time. Every pain we encounter has a reason to explain it. A few times I made a mistake of assuring myself that I have met THE ONE, but I ended up forcing myself to let go though it was against my will. I was told that someway somehow there is that 1 perfect match for each of us. Maybe THE ONE for me got lost trying to find his way to reach me. Or may be he came to fast that I neglect to realize that he was there and he needs to go back again to find me. I want to meet THE ONE who I can laugh and cry with. Someone who will hurt when I'm hurt, who will hold me tight and never let me go, someone I can marry in the church and share our vows together, someone who will fight for me when someone tries to break my heart, who will shout to the world that I'm his girl, who will kiss me in my forehead when I'm asleep, and lastly someone who will love me and grow old with me."THE ONE"

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Puan Sri Djah said...

kenak tajuk nya the one?

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